Welcome to Shanghai International Medical Disinfection And Infection Control Fair!
Welcome to the Medical Expo
Shanghai International Clinical Examination And Laboratory Equipment Exhibition 2023 will be held from June 28-30 , 2023 in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. is one of the most professional and powerful commercial exhibitions in the country, with the extensive exhibiting of products from manufacturers, R&D organizations and operating entities. Meanwhile, the Exhibition is also an important platform for the industry insiders to enhance friendships, sell products and search for products, exerting a broad and tremendous impact on the industry.With the great support from all the insiders of the industry and the introduction of standardized and internationalized management, the size of the Exhibition has been increased year by year, gradually drawing the attention and participation of the industry; in this Exhibition, you will obtain a large number of useful information beneficial to the development your enterprise.
MDIC 2023
60,000m2 Exhibition area
CMEH Exhibition area of medical Expo 60,000 Flat floor exhibition
More than 1000 enterprises are expected to participate in the exhibition
50,000+ Audience
It is expected that there will be more than 50,000 medical institutions, manufacturers and distribution agents across the country, and medical industry elites will gather
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Shanghai Regional Medical Equipment Exhibition
More than 1500 enterprises from Xinhua medical, Ge, Siemens, Philips, Olympus, Mindray medical, Pentax, Hitachi, Fuji Japan, Omron, Medtronic, medland, Roche Diagnostics, German wolf, Qingdao Aucma, Shenzhen Anjian, Shenzhen Kaikai, Shantou ultrasound and other enterprises attended the exhibition. More than ten thousand people of government procurement, hospital buyers and dealers gathered at the medical Expo for trade and exchange. At present, the medical Expo has become an efficient business cooperation and exchange platform in the industry.
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