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Scope of Exhibits

All kinds of surgical instruments for medical cosmetic surgery including knives, surgical scissors, tweezers, blades, etc.;

All kinds of suture related products for medical cosmetic surgery such as suture needle, sutures, etc;

All kinds of instruments and equipment such as laser cosmetic instrument, photon tender skin, body sculpture machine, microcomputer beauty instrument, crystal beauty instrument, ultrasonic liposuction meter, ultrasonic vibration meter, hairdressing room, etc.;

Injection beauty products such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, botox, etc.;

All kinds of filling material, prostheses and implants, such as breast implants, dental implants, cosmetic surgery implants, etc.;

All kinds of skin and beauty products and technologies with tender skin, anti-wrinkle, de-scar function;

Stem cell cosmetic products, anti-aging beauty products, etc.;

All kinds of postoperative repair products such as fluid, milk, cream, gel water, postoperative repair clothes, etc.;

All kinds of medical beauty supplies such as de-scar product, skin care products, cosmetics, etc.;

Various dental plastic equipment, tooth bleaching agents, beauty products, etc.